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Golf Questions and Answers - Chronological and keyword list of all previous posts

Here you will find all the "Ask the Pro" questions and answers that have appeared here on the site (currently 620). The archive is divided into sections, by year:

The questions and answers are ordered from most recent to least recent, top to bottom. The links in the left menu column of each archive page give a short keyword indication of the topic and will take you directly to the question and answer on the same page. The keyword lists/links for each of the archive pages also appear directly below on this page. The Ask the Pro Archive Index organizes the archive by topic and somewhat alphabetically. Additionally, you can try a search for your word/phrase/topic.


Q & A Keywords (2014)

Ready golfSole level The first courseStart on both nines

Q & A Keywords (2013)

Too much backspinOpposite hand club Swinger / HitterPractice swing limit
Controlling backspinMoving hailstones Impact shaft angleMoney - amateur
Home course scoreMarking short putts Cut down clubsMarker's score
Home/away coursesPro's clubs & balls Lying how manyLimiting putts
Grip pressureSizing grips, wraps Identifying ballEffective bounce
Fidgety at addressBenefits of golf Staying downDrop rule change

Q & A Keywords (2012)

Spine tiltClub from rough "Small" ball, metersLess curve now
Hit iron or metal?Can't see undulation Soft handsYelling from gallery
Hardpan, tight liesStymies & marking Tee time advantageWoods OK, shank W
Lessons - troubleWhen to play/wait Divot pointLaying on ground
Ball too far forwardHybrid Conversion Size of holeWrist "break"
Sanded fairwaysSplining shafts Putt stroke anglesUsing aid to swing

Q & A Keywords (2011)

A "flat" swingWeighted club Hitting over waterSenior Tour yardage
Effect of weight lossMarking short putts Right or left handedShot time limit
Forward pressThrowing grass Shaft planes varyTaking ball from cup
Divot or no divotBulge and roll Breaking teesWrong green
Announcers - clubSlope, course rating Bunker edgeGoggles for eyes
Choking downCSS - rating Off-center yardagePar 6's

Q & A Keywords (2010)

Practicing-playingGraphite/Hybrid Hole in... what?Whiff to ace
Strong - weak gripLie angle effect Ryder Cup CaptainHot humid distance
Which ball to useCupping and hook High side, low sideCold - distance
Hook faceUse chipper or not Asking to playGrips / shaft butts
Laid off at top"Working man's four" Handicap strokesPracticing on course
Fast hip turnPar, men, women Dog steals ballHow many strokes?

Q & A Keywords (2009)

Practice/real swingsHumidity effect Wearing ear plugsLowest score ever
Double-overlap gripUsing putter grip Finger injury gripBackward club
Straight short shotsAeration recovery Hit into group aheadBall mark repair tool
Hooding & closingStart on both nines Leaning on putterPractice swings
Fairway shotsClub face fatigue Par on coursesArthritic fingers
Hip pain swing"Flight" Ball markerFeel of steel

Q & A Keywords (2008)

Sit-down positionCarry or roll Flagstick heightDraw bias
Fixing the yipsTen shot rule "Chippies"Practicing quickly
"Pull" and "trap"Draw goes farther Baseball conflictIron & wood swing
Lifting left heelClub too long? Senior & Ladies clubLeft hand opens
Backswing purposeGroove purpose Moment of inertiaFlagstick in or out
Effect of gripSmaller grips Color of flagsDivots on tees

Q & A Keywords (2007)

Sidehill liesCourse land size Designated dropReading etiquette
Losing balance"Out" & "in" nines Course markingsWood numbers
Hitting from the topPro golfer height "Be the number"How many balls
Outside-in, inside-outCadet glove "Unforced error"Reasonable evidence
Sidesaddle puttingGap in long clubs Repeatable, consistentTee colors
Hands vs. bodyPin placement Low-lying groundDouble hit

Q & A Keywords (2006)

Belly putter length"Working" the ball Whiff equals strokeMuddy ball
Rhythm and balanceBuried elephant Pro commentDistance gauges
Higher trajectoryWhen to line up Long putter - travelTies - retrogression
How to relaxMajor exemptions Not finishing swing"Club" professional
Pin depthWhat is cc? Ties and pairingsPar - yardages
Wearing bifocalsPlayer badges Lead tape falls off"Crossed" hazard

Q & A Keywords (2005)

Elevated teeDivot status Towel under armBall rules
Shallow sandGolf sport/athlete Class A proMarking ball
Speed - shapeWeight in stance Stimp meterOn the heel
Laying offBall and flagstick Head positionStopping the ball
Wind speedWedges after PW Hybrid clubScores - letters
Flex pointMid-amateur Lining up ballHole placement
Ball numbersCasting Balata coversBunker rake
Vision correctionWhich putter? Clubhead positionAce records
Divot repairPro ranking Step on lineWhy "Major"?
Cut down driverPin in or out? Getting aheadSwing weight

Q & A Keywords (2004)

Tee flightInternal OB Sidehill lieTake off glove
Forward pressPutter weight Driver lengthType of grip
Course informationNo grooves Pulling puttsThe word "skins"
Pro fitness trainingWho plays first? Pitch on green"Disconnecting"
Club wear-ageAdjusting clubs Mini tour infoFairway "+" woods
Tee locationsForward knee ScoopingStraight tee shot
Chip - pitchProblem callus Lift, clean & placeCross-handed
Full or half set?Shaft length Spine tiltYellow stakes
First golf cartsDivots problem Try to hit?Golfers' scores
Why a slice?Late hand action High club costs"Sub par"
"Embedded"Tourney formats Home practice area5 wood longer
Grades/scholarshipGear effect Driver too big?Shaft and loft
Long putter gripWho shot 59? Bermuda grassHit from the top
Hole diameterHands at address Club descriptionsFocusing
Range FindersFairway stat Open/InvitationalBlow up holes
Putt one-handed"Links" Use a tee?Firm is stiff?
Tennis elbowLarger grips Why 18 holes?Injured finger
Flying elbowWhich one club? White to blueShorten distance

Q & A Keywords (2003)

Low bounceLow runner Dominant hand?Switch to blades?
Tourney pairingsStronger irons "Duck hook"Rough/closed face
Both-handedLooking up Worn gripsGrass or mats?
Course layoutDimple number Masters foundersSelf-analysis
Gender-yardagesShaft flexes Match scoringGrip size effect
Onesome/singleBreathing Lesson statsPutting stats
Head down?Lower drives Putter toe-upBall above feet
Pros as juniorsTime limit SparksNear miss
Club loftsArms in front? In between clubsRange to course
Wedge bounceCast/forged irons Flier fartherTen-finger grip
Caddy wagesThe "cut" Weak gripPro's in shorts
Tee/stage frightWomen's yardage Why draw/fade?Grand Slam
Worm burnerRidge on grip "E" wedgeShaft kickpoint
Glove handUnplayable lie Clean groovesTee height
Change ballSame distance "FORE"Putting grip
Grip reminder2 or 3-piece ball Bounce/sand typeReluctant junior
Skied driverLast hole nerves When to pick upLining up
Back 9 fatigueYardage book Ground club?Trajectory control

Q & A Keywords (2002)

Where to standStill in play? Too long?1 wood/Driver
Putting orderOffset driver "Scratch"Putt hops
Beginner tipsHole in glove Long putterClean irons
Take divot?Uphill bunker Change grips?Practice time
Distance gaugesWhich clubs? What's a Major?Flick wrists?
Club sizeBreak branch Fairway woodsBall position
Placing ballTPC courses Bunker mysteryPractice injury
Where to teeOn the toe Women's clubsIrons too low
Claw gripSpeed or line? Oops, stroke?"Chipper" club
British PGAForged/Cavity New clubs?Handicap holes
Chips to rightOversized grip Wedge loftWriting on ball
ChapstickClub lengths Replace ballTopped/thin shots
Water dropWho's away? Sky/Pop-upSwing weight
Stance/how farBalance "Stymie"Grip-knuckles
Reverse gripPlumb bob Birdie,BogeyUphill/Downhill
Hole yardagePutting device Yard markersCaddy spikes
Mental tipsClubs in bag Same swing?Nervous Putter
Which SW?"Links" course Hips, when?Setup/align

Q & A Keywords (2001)

PGA foundingLifting weights Back slow?Long irons
Longer drivesVisual images Shared greensDrives too low
Targets 1, 2?Left-handed Putts per roundTime limit
Use lead tape?Outside - In Wet sandHeeling putts
Number of clubs?Hard greens Wedges flatterLighter club
"Over the top"Ties/money Wedge types"Fade"/"Draw"
Fade & DrawRange - course Where to lookDegrees of loft
Rolling handsInconsistecy Straight & longWrong ball
"Golf" originBunker shots Cut/moneySwing shape
Bad long ironsElbow straight? Grounding clubCutting putts
"Release"Offset woods 4 to scratchLong irons fat
Play through1 iron right Erratic woodsJunior workout
Women's clubsWrong score Old cup in lineShaping shots
How to gripBall size? Left of targetSelf fitting
Green in reg'Where to hit? Short puttsWhich chip?
"F" wedgeDriver loft Stance widthPower leak
Left wristGraphite/steel Erratic resultsWhich grip?
What to thinkReverse pivot Losing distanceBlocking it
Long clubsLast few shots Hit it lowerWeights, Diet
Colleges?Who's a Pro? OverswingingShank!
Spin on heelFade or draw Wildly erraticMax height
Slope rating?Hitting it fat Hands forwardWrist not flat

Q & A Keywords (2000)

Becoming proMore distance W3, W4 wedgeWhy fat?
Preferred Lies?Opposite hand Pushing shotsMisfit clubs?
AlignmentBlocking right Face alignmentShaft shatters?
Weight shiftFat shots How far?Which hand/side?
Which driver?Grip size Bad irons?Power fade
Stroke holes?Ground first Hole criteriaSpeed/flex
Top of swingCold weather Fairway bunkerRising shot
Divot depthLead tape More backspinBuying clubs
Range/CourseStance Lost Ball?Q-School
Hips or Hands?What speed? Club distancesHit ground?
Too highHandicap Shoulder dropsWhat it takes
Lob wedge?Slice MysteryChicken wing
Lose focusNew clubs Proper FitDrawing ball
BackspinTight holes TempoShort irons
Golf glovesLie angles Skin GameProblem Hook
Pulling shotsWeighting To the rightTeaching pro

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