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Golf Instruction
 Golf Schools, Lessons, Tips, Articles, Clinics, Books, Terminology, Handicaps 

Welcome golfers everywhere!

On this site there are a number of golf tips and golf instruction articles to read. You can also read my free primer for absolute beginners or purchase my golf instruction book series, covering the entire game in detail. There are Handicap Calculators and a Golf Glossary for your convenience, education and entertainment as well.

If you are local to the Northern California area or will be traveling this way in the future you can get information on all the forms of golf instruction I offer in person, from Long Drive Schools and Custom Golf Schools to individual golf lessons, group lessons and clinics. Just use the menu on the left or directly below to go into further detail in the section of your choice.

Forms of Golf Instruction on this website

  Golf Tips on every major aspect of the game
Golf Instruction Articles on a wide variety of topics
Golf Schools
  Private Custom Golf School
  For players of any skill level, focusing on any or all part(s) of the game
  Private Long Drive School
  For players of any skill level, focusing on hitting the ball longer
Golf Lessons
  Golf Lessons in the San Francisco bay area of Northern California
Golf Clinics and Outings
  Golf Clinics and Corporate Outings
  Group presentations of golf instruction and/or entertainment
Golf Instruction Books
  The ABC's of Golf - Free online book for golf beginners
  Great basic information on getting started playing golf
  The "Your Golf" Series
  A comprehensive series of paperbacks covering the entire game in detail
  by PGA Professional Mark Blakemore
Golf Dictionary (definitions of golf words/phrases & usages)
  Glossary of common golf terms and phrases
Golf Handicaps
  How golf handicaps work and how to get a handicap
Hitting it Longer - Getting More Distance
  Recommendations for golfers on how to hit the ball farther
Gift Certificates
  Gift certificates for instruction with PGA Professional Mark Blakemore

Plus the Ask the Pro section has over 500 golf questions and answers
sent in by golfers from all over the world!  Talk about instructive!

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written consent from the site's author