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Here you'll find a few different forms of goofing around. Choose one of the sub-sections from the menu on the left, under the red "Entertainment" heading. You can read my latest golf poem, cartoon, or article (I keep the articles in this section entertaining rather than instructional, 'cause I already have an Instruction section).

Most Amazing Shot Award

The winner of the Most Amazing Shot Award is entitled to receive a free golf lesson from the legendary PGA professional Mark Blakemore.

Well, I must say that in 30+ years of golf experience the most amazing shot I have ever seen was the 6 iron Tiger Woods hit from the fairway bunker on the 72nd hole of the 2000 Canadian Open. With a one shot lead (and his fellow competitor and nearest challenger, Grant Waite, having just hit a gorgeous 4 iron to about 30 feet for eagle), from an uphill lie in a fairway bunker with damp sand, in dusky, drizzly conditions, 213 yards, 100% carry over water, Tiger hit it all the way over the flag to the back edge of the green. Roving commentator Charlie Rymer shouted, "The hair on my arms is standing up!" --  Yeah, me too.

So, Tiger has now won yet another coveted prize - the "Most Amazing Shot Award" and a free golf lesson with me. I haven't heard from him yet, but it has only been a few years, I guess...  I'm sure he'll be calling soon.

The award previously belonged to Jack Nicklaus for the one iron shot he hit on the 213 yard, par 3 17th hole at Pebble Beach during the 1972 U.S. Open (which he went on to win). The shot was a magnificent work of art in very windy conditions. It hit the flagstick and came to rest about a foot from the hole.

Jack never came to receive his free lesson, so I gave the award to someone else. smile

Best Shot of the Moment

Since The Most Amazing Shot award is such an exclusive thing I thought I'd add a still-impressive-but-easier-to-achieve distinction. Thus I initiate "The Best Shot of the Moment." (I'm doing this first one from memory, as I haven't seen anything lately that would warrant the immense notoriety).

The Best Shot of the Moment goes to Shaun Micheel for the 7-iron approach shot he hit from 175 yards on the last hole of the 2003 PGA Championship to seal his victory. He had a one shot lead at the time and the ball ended up a couple inches from the hole. Based on his status and experience at the time (winless in 163 previous PGA Tour starts and ranked No. 169 in the world) and the spectrum of possible outcomes that shot gets the call, for the moment.

The Best Shot of the Moment is certainly a wonderful thing, but only worthy of the coveted title itself, I'm afraid; not quite enough to deserve a free golf lesson. smile

Note: Certainly, the miraculous pitch shot that Tiger Woods hit on the 16th hole at Augusta National in the final round of the 2004 Masters was the Best Shot of the Moment lately, and certainly even a reasonable candidate for The Most Amazing Shot Award too. But I don't think it's fun for anybody else if he gets both awards (I mean, it's not like he's hurting for awards, right?)

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