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More than 600 Golf Questions and Answers

Here are questions submitted by golfers from all over the world and my responses to them. There are over 600 golf questions and answers here! They are arranged from most recent to least recent (top to bottom) and the archive contains all the questions and answers that have appeared here in the "Ask the Pro" section (which is the tiniest fraction of the total number of questions that have been submitted). The archive index has the questions and answers organized by topic and somewhat alphabetized.

You may find it interesting reading to see what others are asking, and you can also ask a question yourself. But, be sure to check the Q's & A's here on this page, the FAQ's and the archive first, as your question may already have been answered.

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April 28, 2014

I occasionally double hit with my putter. Almost always when putting from just off the green or on very long putts when on the green. My golfing buddies can't believe I do it so they are no help. I am not sure of the penalty so I just count it as two strokes. Any ideas?

Ken Hamilton
Eagle, ID
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Hi Ken,

Two total strokes, correct (the original stroke and one stroke penalty). It's most likely that if you double hit in putting it's because you are trying to force a follow-through that is longer than your backstroke, but I'd have to see what you were doing to comment for sure.

Try an exercise like this to see if it helps: Get a fairly light wooden dowel (maybe 2-3 feet long and 1/2 inch or so in diameter). Lay it on a fairly smooth surface (like tile or linoleum, very short carpet, etc.) and practice "putting" the dowel down its long axis (so that it scoots lengthwise rather than rolling). Do this with a smooth rhythm—only a very short distance, you don't need to hit it very hard at all.

Make sure you are stroking the dowel in such a way that you never double hit it. That will probably be closer to how your putting stroke should be and, I hope, will fix your problem. It may very well help you improve your ability to contact your putts solidly too.

See another double hit entry for short game strokes. Beyond that, technique is covered in detail in my book "The Short Game."

Thanks for visiting and best of luck with your game. MB


April 8, 2014

If a club's pro has knowledge that one of his members has too many clubs in his/her bag, should he have or feel an obligation to tell him/her before a tournament or before regular play?

Karen Langfield
Deep River, Ontario, Canada


Hi Karen,

That's a judgement call with so many variables and scenarios it's impossible for me to say. But as a hypothetical set of circumstances, if somebody (anybody, not just a club pro) knew you had too many clubs in your bag and intentionally kept quiet hoping that you got penalized in competition so somebody else could win, or just out of spite, etc., that seems pretty bad. But if they were aware you had too many clubs day-to-day, in casual play and practice (not for posted rounds) but didn't think about it before a tournament, or forgot, etc., then that certainly could be excusable. (Ian Woosnam's caddy forgot he had too many clubs in the bag on the practice range in the final round of the 2001 Open Championship, which Woosnam lead until the two shot penalty he received for having one club too many on the first hole. So, it happens.)

In the end, of course, it is up to each player to know and keep track of their equipment and conform to the rules. Thanks for visiting and best of luck with your game. MB


March 26, 2014

Can a solo player record a score for their handicap?

Chris Bourgeois
Golden Valley, MN


Yes, provided the round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf. See also rules FAQ. Thanks for visiting and best of luck with your game. MB


March 17, 2014

If the swing speed, trajectory, spin, etc. are all the same will a 235 lb. man drive the ball farther than a 160 lb. man?

Stephen Litwin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Hi Stephen,

It is likely, yes, but probably not a significant (or even noticeable) amount. F = ma (force = mass x acceleration), so given that the mass of the swinging system (the golfer and club) is greater with the heavier person (even if it is only enough to keep the almost insignificant mass of the ball from slowing the club down as much) the heavier person would probably hit it some small amount farther. A physicist could give you a better answer, I'm sure.

Thanks for visiting and best of luck with your game. MB

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