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Hiand welcome!  How about some golf instruction tips and lessons to improve your game? is full of golf tips, golf instruction articles, information on golf schools and golf lessons, and a lot more for improving and enjoying your golf game.

There are golf tips on every major area of the game, a large number of golf articles on a variety of topics, over 600 golf questions and answers in the "Ask the Pro" section and over 1,000 golf words and phrases in the Golf Glossary - with more of all those things being added all the time.

Learn how to be more consistent, hit it longer, be more accurate, manage your game, improve your swing, and lower your score.  There's something here for all golfers - even a free online golf book for beginners. Explore and enjoy

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One easy way to help get your swing started well is to be sure you're going through a good "first parallel position." This simply means that when your club's shaft gets horizontal (parallel) to the ground for the first time (somewhere between knee and hip high, depending on posture and physique) it should also be parallel to the target line with the blade of the club somewhere near "toe up," or at approximately the same angle as your spine (see photo).

Many people have the shaft way too far inside or outside at this point, thus digging a hole (inefficiency) that takes quite a bit of work to dig themselves out of. True, there are extreme examples of successful players on both ends of the spectrum (outside and inside): Raymond Floyd (inside) and Jim Furyk (outside). Though it is hard to argue with their success it is also hard to argue with the concept of efficiency and the least amount of wasted motion.

Training yourself to go through a good first parallel position by habit and feel is a good idea. Try it and see if it doesn't help you become more accurate and consistent.

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