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Hiand welcome!  How about some golf instruction tips and lessons to improve your game? is full of golf tips, golf instruction articles, information on golf schools and golf lessons, and a lot more for improving and enjoying your golf game.

There are golf tips on every major area of the game, a large number of golf articles on a variety of topics, over 600 golf questions and answers in the "Ask the Pro" section and over 1,000 golf words and phrases in the Golf Glossary - with more of all those things being added all the time.

Learn how to be more consistent, hit it longer, be more accurate, manage your game, improve your swing, and lower your score.  There's something here for all golfers - even a free online golf book for beginners. Explore and enjoy

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New  Warm-Up Tip  New

As common as this bit of knowledge might be, I have noticed that a lot of golfers don't follow this procedure. So I have included it here and now, as it is important.

When you begin your full swing practice sessions, or prior to playing golf, always start with one of your shortest clubs (your most lofted wedge would be good) and work your way from short clubs up to long clubs. The shorter clubs

  1. well, are shorter, so you don't have to worry about hitting them far
  2. have heavier heads, which are easier to feel
  3. swing on a more upright plane, so gravity helps more with clubhead feel

All of these things contribute to making the shorter clubs easier to feel. Therefore, it's easier to establish a rhythm, get your swing started smoothly and "find your groove" than starting with the longer clubs.

I'm always amazed at the number of players who show up for a first lesson and immediately pull their driver out of the bag. Again, start with the short clubs and work your way toward the long ones. You don't have to use each and every club, but a representative from each group of say 3 would be good. How many shots with each club will vary with how much time you have, your goals, and personal preference. But give this a try, if you don't do it already, and see if it makes a difference for you.

I work with golfers of all skill levels on all areas of their games (individually or in small groups of friends, family, co-workers, etc.) in my Private Golf Schools.

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