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Hiand welcome!  How about some golf instruction tips and lessons to improve your game? is full of golf tips, golf instruction articles, information on golf schools and golf lessons, and a lot more for improving and enjoying your golf game.

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 Golf Tip of the Fortnight 

Backspin Tip

The effect of backspin on a golf shot is a function of

  • The quality of contact (ball before ground -- see this tip)
  • The consistency (softness or hardness) of the ball and/or its cover
  • The condition of the green being approached

Actually, all shots that achieve and maintain a reasonably airborne state off the club's face have some backspin. Whether the amount of backspin is sufficient to cause the ball to hold the green or stay near where it lands is another question. If you make good contact with the ball, use a ball with a reasonably soft cover and are approaching a green in relatively good condition (i.e., not extraordinarily dry or hard) you should have no problem getting the ball to hold or even back up, depending on your club head speed. To get the ball to really pull back a significant distance (this is almost always undesirable) you need extremes (i.e., more clubhead speed along with good quality contact, a very soft-covered ball, very soft greens or all of these).

Other influencing factors are

  • The length of the grass you are playing from (e.g., shots played from the fairway or shorter grass will typically spin much more than shots hit from longer grass, as contact can be made more cleanly)
  • Wind direction (e.g., downwind shots do not hold as well as shots hit into the wind)

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