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Golf Instruction Articles
on a wide variety of topics

Archive of Golf Instruction Articles
(1998-present -- most recent to least recent, top to bottom)

Here are the articles that have been posted previously in the Golf Instruction Articles section. Enjoy.

  Ambiguities in Golf Terminology
  Dealing with Nervousness on the Golf Course
  All Those Wedges
  How to Get Good at Golf
  Pin Sheets and Yardage Books
  A Serviceable or Functional Long Game
  The Importance of Putting
  What it's Like to be a Beginner - Part 3
Why Can't I Keep My Left Arm Straight?
Using the Fairway Woods
The Practice Swing Phenomenon
Honor, Away and Whose Turn is it to Play?
Overswinging - Causes and Cures
What it's Like to be a Beginner - Part 2
Punch Shots
How to Read Greens
Alignment - Using an Intermediate Target
What it's Like to be a Beginner - Part 1
The Pre-Shot Routine
Curing the Slice
More Distance for Seniors

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