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Golf Instruction Book

The ABC's of Golf

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf
Part B - Basic Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing Technique
Part C - Common Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary

Glossary of Golf Terms and Phrases
 Golf Terminology - Definitions and Usages

Golf words or phrases beginning with the letter

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U grooves
see grooves
under club
using a club that does not provide enough distance to reach the intended target
Example: Perhaps it's safer to under club when OB is close behind the green.
under par
(also "subpar") less than or below par
Example: Bill played the front nine in 1 under par.
undue delay
(also "slow play") not keeping up with the pace of play as determined by the committee
Example: Bob was taking too much time reading his putts, and finally was penalized two strokes for undue delay/slow play.
wavy contour in the ground, usually thought of mainly in terms of the putting green surfaces and fairways
Example: There was so much undulation between her ball and the hole that the putt was very difficult to read.
uneven lie
(also "sidehill lie, uphill lie, downhill lie") when the ball lies on an uneven slope, with either the ball above the feet or below the feet, and/or one foot higher than the other
Example: A(n) uneven/sidehill/uphill/downhill lie will affect the direction and/or trajectory of a golf shot.
(also "kick") the springing back, or releasing of stored energy, of a flexed shaft
Example: If one's shaft flex matches their swing speed—and/or if their timing is good—they get the benefit of the shaft's unloading/kick.
unplayable lie
the player has determined that the ball cannot, or will not, be played from its current spot
Example: She hit her ball into an unplayable lie and had to take relief with a one stroke penalty.
1. to get to (i.e., as far as) the hole  2. leading, or ahead of (specified in number of holes or strokes depending on the type of competition)  3. on the tee, one's turn to play
Example: 1. The old cliche goes, "Never up; never in."  2. You were two up on your opponent after two holes.  3. "You're next up, Ted."
up and down
holed in two shots from off the green (most commonly thought of as a chip, pitch or sand shot followed by one putt, as in "up" onto the green and "down" into the hole)
Example: His approach shot missed the green, but he got up and down to save par.
uphill lie
when the ball rests on an uphill slope in the direction of play or toward the target
Example: The uphill lie was severe, so I had to use a less-lofted club to compensate.
a relatively steep or more vertical swing plane, stance, or lie angle
Example: Taller players usually have a more upright posture and swing plane than shorter players.
(also "ballooning") excessive climbing or lifting of a shot beyond its normal trajectory, probably due to excessive backspin, usually into the wind, and usually causing the shot to fall short of the intended distance
Example: An upshooter, or ballooning, is usually thought of as a bad thing, but it can be used to advantage in some situations, if predictable.
the United States Golf Association, the governing/rule making body in golf along with the R & A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland)
Example: The USGA does many things besides put on the U.S. Open.
utility wedge
(sometimes also called a "third wedge") manufacturer-dependent and varied, a lofted wedge that differs from a pitching wedge or a sandwedge in loft and/or sole charactersitics
Example: 1. The utility wedge/third wedge in Martha's set is 58°, very heavy in weight and has a small amount of bounce.
utility wood
(also "hybrid wood") fairway wood of varied lofts, head shape or sole shape which may also have playing characteristics associated with irons
Example: 1. Mary's utility wood was her favorite club.


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