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Free Golf Instruction Book
An introduction to the game of golf for beginners

The ABC's of Golf

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf
Part B - Basic Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing Technique
Part C - Common Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary

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Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf (continued)

Step 3   Take golf lessons

Not only will this give you the best possible chance of developing the skills you will need in order to enjoy the game fully, your professional will be a valuable resource - you can ask questions and get credible information from a very experienced player. And if you're worried about being embarrassed or looking silly by asking a stupid question, believe me, even an experienced golf instructor started in the same place that you are now and has heard just about everything imaginable. It is highly unlikely you will do or ask anything new.

If possible, select a professional that is a member of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association). These individuals have gone through training and are the ambassadors of the game. Otherwise, make sure you get recommendations from more than one player about the services of a professional. Anybody can call himself, or herself, a "professional." It will be to your advantage to select an individual that not only has appropriate skill and knowledge, but also one that you can get along with and understand.

Step 4   Get out on a golf course

There's nothing like being bitten by the golf bug to motivate you to practice and improve. If you must, consult with your professional to be assured that you're ready. (Rule of thumb: If you miss the ball frequently when you practice you're not ready. Continue practicing and taking lessons until you make contact and get the ball airborne most of the time.) But definitely get yourself out on a golf course as soon as you feel you have a general idea of what golf is about. Don't worry about your skill level because I'm suggesting that you go play at smaller, less intimidating golf courses where hoards of other insecure beginners also play. (Well, let's not sugar-coat it, golf is tough and at first everybody "sucks" - I did, Jack Nicklaus did... there are no exceptions to this rule! -- and notice how I managed to include my name in the company of Mr. Nicklaus Yeah, me and Jack) There are many small 9-hole golf courses, "Executive" courses or "Par 3" facilities with short, relatively easy holes that cater to beginners. Ask your professional where to play. The nice thing is that you don't have to wonder if everybody is better than you are. Highly skilled players don't frequent those types of courses. You will see players that are as bad as, or worse than, you are -- guaranteed. And don't be thinking that I'm cold, heartless, mean and nasty (though that may be true). I just got done assuring you that everyone starts out being terrible - you are not the only one.

Once you have played golf it is unlikely that it will be difficult to get you back out on the course again. My first golf experience was when I was fourteen years old. I went to the course with two friends who were also fourteen, but they were very experienced players. They told me that they would "show me what to do." Their version of showing me what to do was to hit the ball off the first tee nicely toward the green and then say "just do that." (Oh, why didn't you tell me it was that easy?) I actually got lucky and hit what appeared to be a decent shot off the first tee, but then was completely humbled and humiliated for the rest of the round, with only brief glimpses of anything resembling proficiency. And still I couldn't wait to try again and again - it's the nature of the game. Welcome to the club.

If you have a suggestion as to how this book could be an even better resource for brand new golfers or feedback of any kind please

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