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Free Golf Instruction Book
An introduction to the game of golf for beginners

The ABC's of Golf

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf
Part B - Basic Fundamentals and Concepts in Golf Swing Technique
Part C - Common Golf Words and Phrases - Glossary

Page 3

Part A - All About How to Get Started in Golf (continued)

Step 5   Learn, practice and play

The rest of your golf career will be an endless succession of those three actions (not necessarily in that order), and most of it will be a blast! But perhaps you have already experienced the fact that there is some frustration on occasion. I have been around golf for thirty years, and I've never seen an excellent player who hadn't been playing for a long time. It takes a long time just to accumulate the experience to keep from making (too many) mistakes. Golf is hard enough when you know how to make your way around a course without dumb mistakes. Without the benefit of experience it's nigh impossible. Just reconcile yourself to the fact that it is an ongoing training process and you will probably conclude that it's worth the ride.

General Procedures of the Game

There are an endless number of details in golf. You will learn these as you practice and play. For our purposes here let's stick to the basics.

When you go to play golf you may or may not have a "tee-time" or reservation to play. Tee-times are often required during the busiest times at a golf course to organize the large number of people who want to play. If the course is not crowded a tee-time may not be required. Calling the golf course to find out about their tee-time policy and busy times is always a good idea. Tee-times are commonly made for four players (a foursome) but can sometimes be made for a smaller number of players with the understanding that the starter may include other players with you to make your group total four. Many times it is advisable for beginners to play during what other players might consider undesirable times (e.g., very early morning or an hour or so before dark, when there is not enough time to complete even 9 holes). This is a good way to get experience on the golf course without feeling the need to hurry or get out of the way of other players, and it's even possible that a sizeable discount on green fees applies at these times.

It is always a good idea to get to the golf course prior to your tee-time to warm-up, hit some practice shots and be ready to play when it is your turn. Hitting a few range balls and a few chips and putts before you play is a good thing to do just so you aren't completely "cold" when you begin your round.

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